I am having a problem with __sleep();
there mere existance of it is causing my object
to not get serialized at all.  __wakeup() works fine.

i am using PHP v4.0.6 / apache / win2k.

If i keep __sleep() in the object, it will not serialize,
but if i remove it, it serialized fine.  Does anyone
know why this happens?

Here's my object:

class Scott {
  var $svar = array();  // free-form hash for whatever data
  function Scott( )
        return $this;
  function __sleep() 
  function __wakeup() 
        $this->svar['sleep'] = "I am waking up";
}// end class

and now a test script


$scott = new Scott();
$scott->svar['blah'] = "bacon";

print "object = ". $scott ."\n";
print "blah = ". $scott->svar['blah'] ."\n";
print "\n";

// serialize
$ser = serialize($scott);
print "serialized = ". $ser ."\n";

// trash the object
print "unset object = ". $scott ."\n\n";

// unserialize
$scott = unserialize($ser);
print "object = ". $scott ."\n";
print "blah = ". $scott->svar['blah'] ."\n";
print "sleep = ". $scott->svar['sleep'] ."\n";

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