I have to agree with Phil and Mr. van Ouwerkerk. I am a newbie too, and while 
we may miss things in the manual that are obvious to more experienced 
programmers, or ask questions that have been asked and answered in the list 
over and over again (guilty here!), I believe an attempt should at least be 
made to find the answer before asking the experts in the mailing list. 
Newbies like myself should remember that most people who are subscribed to 
this list are very busy with work and projects and are being quite generous 
to contribute free advice to those of us who are less knowledgeable. Here are 
some useful resources I turn to when I'm seeking a PHP-related answer:


Tom Malone

On Tuesday 31 July 2001  3:05, you wrote:
> I've just looked at his emails for the last week, and he is a helpful guy!
> Not only is he helpful, I'll wager he's being helpful in a language that's
> not his native tongue, so it's utterly unreasonable to expect the subtle
> 'gentle' idioms that you might get from a native speaker who had plenty of
> time to construct an email, and plenty of patience for someone who should
> have RTFM.
> I say, be grateful he is sparing some time to contribute!

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