Javascript occurs on the client side, so the second page you are opening 
will not be passed the file. If you are going to try and pass the file 
like this you could try saving the file to disk temporarily in the first 
PHP script. Then, pass an identifier to the file in the query string of to identify the file's location. (Sending the filename 
itself would probably be imprudent security-wise.) Then, the second 
script can find the file in the temp folder on the server from the 
passed identifier.


Eduardo Kokubo wrote:

> I know I sent I message to this list 10 seconds ago, but I have  forgot to ask this, 
>it's a different problem. I asked for a file name to upload via html form and tried 
>to pass this file to another page using to redirect to a new window (I 
>submited first and tried to redirect it from the following page) but it didn't work. 
>Can I do anything about this?

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