so the difference is _when_ they happen.

ok, another question then.

if my script includes the line

and $file contains the line

what happens then?



on 7/31/01 6:57 PM, Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

> Did you look at the difference between include() and require()?
> Basically, as I understand it, require() and require_once() are replaced
> during parsing--before code execution. And include() and include_once()
> are replaced during code execution. Thus, a required file is always
> imported into the file whereas an included file is only imported if the
> include() statement is executed. The same is true for the _once()
> versions except that the statement evaluates to nothing if the file has
> already been imported by another statement.
> Cheers,
> Sterling
> Mike Cullerton wrote:
>> hey folks,
>> i'm wondering about the difference between include_once and require_once.
>> the manual says 
>> The require_once() statement replaces itself with the specified file
>> The include_once() statement includes and evaluates the specified file
>> so, what is the difference? it's almost like one is a copy/paste and the
>> other is some kind of read. is there any different behavior we should expect
>> in scripts using one method vs another.
>> my first guess was that require_once wouldn't evaluate the file, but i can
>> execute code from within a file using either method.
>> thanks,
>> mike
>> -- mike cullerton

 -- mike cullerton

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