Hi Paul,

If you have a single database between the 2 servers you could implement your
own session handlers using PostgreSQL, Mysql or any other db for that


Shouldn't be to difficult to do at all I imagine.

Hope this helps!

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From: "Paul R. Jackson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> I have developed a well tested password protection system using session
> vars. We have 2 web servers with half of our pages on each (for reasons I
> wont go into). What I need to be able to do is have a single login that
> would then work on both servers. Which basically means sharing session
> on 2 servers.
> Yes sure I could use just straight cookies because both servers live under
> the same main domain but I have the system already in place and I dont
> to change it.
> I think it could be done by forcing the 2 servers to use the session temp
> same directory with 'session.save_path' variable by using a NFS share. But
> we would prefer not to do that. And in fact if that was the only solution
> would just do without.
> Is there soemthing else I can do.
> Paul

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