> <FORM METHOD="post" ACTION="userinfolistbycompany2.php">
> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" name="uid" value="<? echo "$uid"; ?>">

You are using the "short open tag" of <? instead of <?php is the only thing
really wrong I can see...  That won't work in PHP4 --with-xml, or if php.ini
has short tags "off" etc.

The "$uid" is silly, but not "wrong" per se.

It's also possible you mis-spelled that file name in the ACTION, or that you
have a *REALLY* lame OS that won't let you use a file name that long.

It's even remotely possible that you don't have PHP enabled, or that the
file in which the above code appears is not a .php file...

Could you give us more of a clue what's happening?...

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