I am using RedHat Linux 6.2.

I just got my PHP installed but my Apache 1.3.12 server does not seem to recognize the 
PHP files and PHP scripting.

I have already uncommented the lines in my httpd.conf file which read:

> AddType application/x-httpd-php .php
> AddType application/x-httpd-php-source .phps

when I type httpd -l, I notice the following:

>[root@test bin]# ./httpd -l
>Compiled-in modules:
> http_core.c
> mod_env.c
> mod_log_config.c
> mod_mime.c
> mod_negotiation.c
> mod_status.c
> mod_include.c
> mod_autoindex.c
> mod_dir.c
> mod_cgi.c
> mod_asis.c
> mod_imap.c
> mod_actions.c
> mod_userdir.c
> mod_alias.c
> mod_access.c
> mod_auth.c
> mod_setenvif.c
> suexec: enabled; valid wrapper /usr/local/apache/bin/suexec

I am not sure why my Apache still does not recognize php files.  When I try to access 
a php file on the server through a web browser, it will ask me if I want to download.  
It's almost as though it did not recognize the PHP extension. 

I was reading through some of README files that came with the PHP source files and it 
mentioned that I need to have the "mod_so" active.  Well as you can see "mod_so" was 
not on my list when I typed httpd -l.  I have read the Apache documentation, but I am 
lost in terms of how to install this mod_so module.

I was wondering has anybody out there had a similar experience.

If so can anyone offer any suggestions.


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