On Wednesday 01 August 2001 15:46, Phil Driscoll wrote:
> > Is this staement safe ?
> >
> > eval('$a = $GLOBALS["pass1"]==$GLOBALS["pass2"]');
> Maybe I'm missing the point, but why not just go:
> $a = $GLOBALS["pass1"]==$GLOBALS["pass2"];

I'm writing a form class which can also validate the form and I want to 
define the rules for validating the forms, so when defining the form I can add

$form->AddRule('{pass1}=={pass2}','The 2 passowrd must be equal');

And this rule will be expanded to

$a = $GLOBALS["pass1"]==$GLOBALS["pass2"]

and validated through eval.

When I call the 


The class iterates through the rules array and in case of unmet condition 
(!$a) will return the error string associate with the rule.

This method gives a great flexibility, ans as a result I can define any rule 
as long as it is a valid php code.

Hope you get the idea
Kriheli Meir

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