you would have to pass a page identifier when its the printer friendly page,
then just parse for it.

quoting your paragraph...

...on a dynamically created webpage, I have a link called: <?PHP
        if($page=='Printer Friendly'){
                # this is the additional variable you wold pass to tag
                # as a printer friendly page
                echo 'Contact (';
                # regular page
                echo '<a href="";>Contact</a>';
replace the URL and "Contact" with variables as necessary if they are
dynamically assigned.

if that doesn't sound like what you were looking for, send the file as an
example so it can be viewed in context.


>-----Original Message-----
>Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2001 11:26 AM
>Subject: [PHP] function that will print the url for embedded links
>I'm looking for a way to have a url for a link "explode" into the actual url
>address.  So for example, on a dynamically created webpage, I have a link
>called: Contact.
>When someone chooses to view the "printer friendly" version of this page, I
>want the link on the the printer-friendly page to change to the following:
>"Contact (".
>Any ideas of how to automate this process?
>Thank you, Shawna

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