hey gang. 

here is my sql statement from my php script.

$sql = "UPDATE TABLE seminar SET 
,rm=$room  WHERE id=$id";

it appears just like that in my code.

here is the $sql string echoed to the screen to verify the variables.

UPDATE TABLE seminar SET title=Something amazing,speaker=Mr.
Black,event_date=2001-08-05,time=11:00:am,bldg=BCC ,rm=201 WHERE id=48

all of the variable are valid.

here is my error.

1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'TABLE seminar SET title=Something 
Black,event_date=2001-08' at line 1

I'm baffled.

and I couldn't find error 1064 in the mysql manual.pdf either.

any ideas.  I know this is going to turn out to be something silly.



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