My guess is that it is working, just not like you'd expect.  You're
generating HTML, so if you want a new line to be displayed in your HMTL
document you need to do
echo "Hello there<br>";
instead of "Hello there\n";

\n will give you a pretty new line if you look at the source of the page

Keith Jeffery

"Ignacio Estrada" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi, somebody know why the character newline \n doesn't work? .  I am using
> the combination W2K/Apache/PHP4.  I tried the newline character on print
> and echo functions but still not working.
> Maybe is a stupid cuestion but I need it.
> Thanks in advanced.
> Atte. Ignacio Estrada F.
> Centro Nacional de Control de Energia
> Area de Control Occidental
> 025+6463, 025+6464, 025+6469

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