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> Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2001 2:24 PM
> Subject: [PHP] wish list?
> does anybody know how to submit a feature request?  I can't 
> do it via the bug reporting mechanism.

Is that "can't" as in "I tried, and it didn't work" or as in "I wasn't
able to/didn't try"?

If bugs.php.net isn't an option for some reason, I'd imagine your next
best bet would be to post something to the php-developers list.  Keep in
mind, though, that  using bugs.php.net is a good thing, as it gives your
request a trackable identity that can be reviewed, assigned, followed up
on, etc.  Simply posting a message to a mailing list doesn't do that
(unless the idea is so wonderful that somebody else is motivated to
enter it).

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