Use the source, Luke!

  Okay, not quite easy. You have this option to accomplish multi-uploads.
But, as an user, I think it is better to have only one Upload Field, and one
browse/submit button.

  When I choose a file, the page is reloaded, with information about the
file I just uploaded, and two options. Either upload another or click at
somekind of 'Done with Uploading' button.

  Pretty much like when you attach something using Hotmail's email, or at and attach stuff too.

  But that is just my opinion...

"Gary" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I have a page that clients are able to up load to their site. I want to
> elimanate have? a bunch of upload buttons. How would I go about using only
> one button for uploads without losing the browse button for each form
> object? Better yet how would I have the client enter a number for the
> number of uploads they want? Yes you can RTFM me :)
> Gary

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