> how do i check if user exist?
> I tried...
>     $result = mysql_query("SELECT count(uname) FROM users WHERE
> uname=\'$username@$domain\'");

Get rid of the \ there.  You are inside a ", not a ', and the \ is wrong.

Also, add some error checking like:

if (!$result){
    echo "MySQL error ", mysql_error(), "<BR>\n";

Actually, don't write it to the screen for users to see on a production box,
but log it somewhere you can get it.

>     if(isSet($result))
>         return("Username already exists.<br>\n");
> but still wont work.. :(

$result will always be set.  You just set it.

You need to do something like:

if (mysql_result($result, 0, 0) == 1){
    echo "Username already exists.<BR>\n";

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