PHP-GTK version 0.1 "the void which binds" has been released. It can be
downloaded from The changes in this version

    - added GDK keysyms constants. 
        - fixed bug with GtkStyle::copy() that was not returning the result
        - implemented support for struct based classes (GdkRectangle,
          GtkAllocation, GtkRequisition, etc). 
    - finished drag-n-drop support. 
    - ported Scribble example from C. 
        - modified GdkWindow::get_pointer() to be simpler, without XInput
    - changed 'area' event property to be a GdkRectangle. 
    - changed 'is_hint' event property to be boolean. 
    - added ability to query the state and allocation of a widget.
    - added direct construction of pixmaps. 
    - added GdkWindow::set_icon() method. 
    - implemented GtkList methods insert_items() and prepend_items().
    - implemented new PHP-like build system that supports adding
      extensions to
        - implemented GtkCTree methods node_get_pixtext(),
          node_get_pixmap(), and get_node_info().  
        - implemented GtkObject::emit(), thus allowing programmatical
          emission of signals. 
    - added support for accessing GtkObject arguments via get_arg() and
      set_arg() methods. 


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