I'd always understood that mysql doesn't allow multiple statements to be
submitted so this post obviously worried me. I did some tests and confirmed
that this is not a problem in MySQL queries from PHP. If I'm wrong about
this please let me know.


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        no offense to you sam, but please dont ever simply place
        single quotes around values.  you have to escape the values

        what if someone submitted the form field title as:
        $title = "'; DELETE FROM seminar; "

        if you didn't escape the single quotes in there, it
        would get interpreted as a valid DELETE statement
        and your seminar table would get wiped.

        however, if you escaped $title, you'd end up setting
        title to "\'; DELETE FROM SEMINAR; " 
        (rather than have the contents of $title interpreted
        as SQL commands)

        > -----Original Message-----
        > From: Sam Masiello [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
        > Subject: RE: [PHP] SQL syntax error in PHP script. dunno what's
        > You will need to put single quotes around your variables in your
        > statement.  Like this:
        > $sql = "UPDATE TABLE seminar SET
        > ilding'
        > ,rm='$room'  WHERE id='$id'";
        > Without the quotes, SQL doesn't know that Something Amazing is
supposed to
        > go together in the same string.
        > HTH

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