Which is the best language to use, php or shtml, I use only a couple of SSI
commands in shtml to call in headers and footers, and run cgi scripts as
below.  I thought maybe as I am getting more into php that I should change
the files from shtml to php, and use the equivalent commands to call in
headers, footers and run external .cgi programs.  But as below cant see how
to load in an external .cgi program into php, as you can see below.

I am presently using an shtml file using <!--#include file="my.htm"-->
which work fine and in php I can use the include('my.htm'); command.

in one of my shtml  i use the <!--#exec cgi="my.cgi"--> command, but how do
I run an external .cgi script from php, I have looked at many of the
commands such as include(), system(), passthru() , but cant find away to do
it.  Can someone help ??

Is it best for me to leave it in shtml as I have also discovered that SSI
will not parse inside an html section in php.  Which of these shtml, or php
uses more resources on the server ?  Which is the best solution to my
problem ??



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