I started to use this command in my soft about 3 months ago and all went
well, I've had to do some re-organising and I changed the varable that holds
the old image root, to the new image root and ofcouse moved the images, but
now my GetImageSize() doesn't work any more,


shows two No's basicaly indicating that GetImageSize is not working

  Here is the code:

print ("      <td width=\"175\" valign=\"top\" align=\"left\"> \n");

  if ($Menu_Foto1 != "")
      $Photo_Size = GetImageSize ("$GS_Control_Gallery/$Menu_Foto1");
      $Photo_Size_W = $Photo_Size[0];
      $Photo_Size_H = $Photo_Size[1];

        if ($Photo_Size_W > 180)
            $Temp_Size1 = ($Photo_Size_W - 180 );
            $Temp_Size2 = (180 / $Photo_Size_W);
            $Photo_Size_W = ($Photo_Size_W - $Temp_Size1);
            $Photo_Size_H = ($Photo_Size_H * $Temp_Size2);

      print ("          <img border=\"0\"
src=\"$GS_Control_Gallery/$Menu_Foto1\" width=\"$Photo_Size_W\"
height=\"$Photo_Size_H\"> \n");
      print ("          <br><br> \n");


  if ($Menu_Text1 != "")
      print ("        <font size=\"$GS_Text_Font_Size\"
face=\"$GS_Text_Font\" color=\"$GS_Text_Colour\">\n");

        if ($Menu_Title1 != "")
            print ("        <b>$Menu_Title1</b><br> \n");
      print ("        $Menu_Text1<br> \n");
      print ("        </font>\n");
      print ("        <br> \n");

  if ($Menu_More1 != "")
      print ("          <i><b><a href=\"$Menu_More1\"><font
size=\"$GS_Text_Font_Size\" face=\"$GS_Text_Font\"
color=\"$Menu_Link_Colour\">More...</b></font></a></i> \n");

print ("      </td> \n");

Just by the piont that you can see the images there means that the image
location is correct.
So, I dont know...

Can anyone shine any light...

John Hurleston

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