hahah that had two interesting effects the first was that it left the <   > and the 
was that it turned off all the highlighting in my editor due to the "?>" 

any idea how to include the braces in the match and perhaps not using the ?> string 
for the sake of convenience :)


8/2/01 5:19:03 PM, "Jack Dempsey" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>$str = preg_replace("<p.*?>", " ",$str);
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>From: Julian Simpson [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] 
>Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2001 5:16 PM
>Subject: [PHP] another REGEX question
>I have a string can look like either of the following:
><p>some stuff</p> 
><p align = "left">some stuff</p>
>I want to use eregi_replace to take out the first p tag whether it be
><p> or <p align......> with a space
>I assumed that $str = eregi_replace ("<p.*>", " ",$str);
>but it matches the entire string and thus turns the whole string into
>one space.
>aparently regex will match the biggest possible match rather than the
>my question is how do i get it to match the smallest.
>thanx in advance..
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