>Does anyone know of a more-or-less authoritative source that states that
the common >convention for HTTP GET/POST queries is a series of "name=value"
pairs joined by "&" >characters? I know I'm not just making this up, but I
need to persuade someone that it is a >commonly-accepted practice. Before
you look... it's not in the HTTP RFCs.

The W3C weenies and/or some other HTTP specification committee has decided
that it should be & or ; or somesuch.

Reality-check:  Every damn browser on the planet uses &name=value

Why they make these standards up in the first place I dunno.

I'd sure appreciate it if they'd focus on putting pressure (or at least
nagging) IE and Netscape to agree on a few things that haven't worked
properly cross-platform for years now.

Of course, PHP will let you use any damn character you please in php.ini and
you can always get the full URL passed in (see <?php phpinfo();?> output)
and tear it apart in any way you see fit.


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