RedHat 6.2 / Apache 1.3.14 w/ matching modssl and openssl 0.9.6b
Latest SDK (3.0?) for Linux.
Hello all!

Problem is this:
PHP compiles just fine with
"--with-pfpro=shared,/home/verisign/payflowpro/linux" ... but I keep getting
"Fatal error: Call to undefined function: pfpro_init()" when trying to
initialize or "pfpro_version()" when I try to call it's version function.

I know something's working during the compile since it adds the "bin" to the
end of my include statement ... "-I/home/verisign/payflowpro/linux/bin", and
I see the make process go in and make a couple of things in the  "ext/pfpro"

Output from configure: "checking whether to include Verisign Payflow Pro
support... yes, shared" .

Inside the 'linux' directory of payflowpro, the header and the lib file is
there as well as it being in their respective lib and bin directory.

I also copied the header file in /usr/local/include and the library in
/usr/local/lib, with adding /usr/local/lib in /etc/ and reran

What I am doing wrong here?
I can execute a shell script and authorize just fine, so I *think* the ENV
variables are ok.

Is this right? "--with-pfpro=shared,/home/verisign/payflowpro/linux" ??

Thanks and I appreciate any help out there!

Graham Wooden, R.H.C.E.
 Systems Engineer | Web Services/Development
[EMAIL PROTECTED] | 770.428.5000
      Tridia Corp |

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