It's also remotely possible that some sort of transaction support is going
on, and/or in conjunction with mysql_pconnect that only after a _pconnect is
dead will the insert get committed...

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From: <Jorge Fernando Tamez Seceņas>
Newsgroups: php.general
Sent: Friday, August 03, 2001 11:55 AM
Subject: Error using databases


I'm coding my first programs in PHP using MySQL in Windows. I
instaled the Xitami Web Server for Windows.

I have a simple table "catalog" that includes 3 fields and one php
script that insert records into the table "catalog" using a the label <FORM>
and it works ok.

I have another php script that print a the records in a table of
HTML and it doesn't work correctly. The fisrt time I run this code works Ok,
but then I go to add a new record using the fisrt code and then return to
scrip that print the table and it doesnīt consider the last records I added.
I make the consult in mysql.exe and effectively there are the new records. I
have to suthdown the server and start again and the second script work

I have been locking how to solve this problem by myself but a
couldnīt. I think that it's a basic problem but I'm beginning in this

If somebody can help me i would be thankful.

George Tamez

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