Hi All,

  I used to run a customized version of Php-Nuke (www.phpnuke.org) on a
server that had PHP 4.05, Linux and Apache. Used to run fine.

  Now I am trying to run the same, just downloaded and uploaded to the new
server, but it is a Windows, IIS, with PHP 4.0.3pl1. The phpinfo(); of the
new server can be seen here:


  Okay, now with the problem. I customized Nuke to allow users to be
attached to 'companies', and the articles be displayed only for certain
companies. So, only an user from a specific company can have access to the

  But now, it is not working. The sql query is feed by a "WHERE
company='$user_company'" part, where the $user_company comes from another
sql query, based on the login name from a cookie.

  If I change $user_company to 1, it grabs the articles.

  So, the problem is with the cookies. The new server is not sending it
right. I tested on 2 or 3 machines, all with different Operating Systems and
browsers (win98, win2k, IE, Netscape, Opera).

  Anyone have an idea if the new server I am on and its configuration has
some kind of trouble to manage cookies properly?

  Thanks in advance,

  Julio Nobrega.

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