I've just discovered a weird quirk in PHP.  I'd first like to check if it is
a known bug/weird feature/something else already known.  I've not yet tested
it much, except I see it doesn't happen on every script, but either of the
two results are quite strange to me.

Suituation: file myscript.php exists, directory myscript/ does not.  If I
browse to http://myhost/myscript.php all is well.  But
http://myhost/myscript/ does return something, where I expect a '404 not
found'.  Sometimes it just returns myscript.php.  BUT sometimes it returns
the PHP source (minus PHP comments).  Aslo,
http://myhost/myscript/anything/anything/bla.bla.bla returns the same.

I was running PHP 4.0.4pl1 on RedHat Linux 6.2, kernel 2.4.6.  I upgraded to
PHP 4.0.6 and still see this behavior.

P.S. For the curious I discovered this because a personal site I have uses
directory/admin.php for site admin, while another site I am developing at
work uses directory/admin/ and I typed the wrong one at home :)

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