> Has anyone got PHP successfully compiled and using GD 2.0.1?
> If so what was your configure line please and any other changes you had to
> make in order to get PHP to compile. Thanks.

Build gd-2.0.1 with these two lines in your GD2 Makefile:

LIBS=libgd.a -lpng -lz -ljpeg -lfreetype -lm

Don't install the lib anywhere, just leave them in the gd-2.0.1 directory.

Then build PHP using:

--enable-gd-native-ttf   (note there was a typo in 4.0.6 on this one)
                          use: --enable-gd-native-tt  if you are using 4.0.6

This assumes that you have freetype2 installed along with the libjpeg and
libpng libs under /usr


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