Obviously, dedicated hosting is something that I am considering. But given
that the application I am writing won't be ready for at least 3 months, I'd
feel a bit stupid to spend $300+/month when the only user will be me and
maybe another person. Furthermore, my current web host sys admin stated that
he has been compiling PHP in the same way for the last 3 years and has never
had a problem, therefore he will not make any change. I don't believe that
is too smart a choice in a field where everything changes continuously (if
car dealers had his same policy, we'd still be buying Ford T...). Thanks for
your suggestion though :-)


"Tim" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> If you want the freedom to do anything you want to your very own server
> (i.e. not shared with a bunch of other people) then something like
> http://www.rackspace.com is an alternative (although it costs more :).
> - Tim
> On 04 Aug 2001 23:26:44 -0500, Damiano Ferrari wrote:
> > Since I am tired of switching from one web host to another because of
> > limitations that are imposed... does anybody know of a host provider
> > supports PHP & MySQL and that, differently from my current host, will
> > allow me to upload files and install the IMAP functions?

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