Thanks, my postgres version was a typo, it's actually v-6.5.2 but your 
advice on the upgrade is greatly appreciated!

... and I fixed the problems:

pg_connect() wouldn't run because of a pathing problem when I compiled PHP 
("--with-pgsql=" was pointing to the wrong directory, duh.),

the "frozen" aberration was a result of a strange "include_file=" 
path something like this - ".:/usr/local/lib/php" - evidently PHPLIB won't 
traverse to the second path iteration? Anyone know anything about this?

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> On linux 6.1, I've installed fresh builds of postgres 6.0.4, apache 
> php 4.0.6.

Get postgresql 7.1.2, make and install.

Configure php --with-pgsql

./configure --help

Will show you all available configure options.

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