Thanks for the advice Tim, however it didn't work. Neither of the statements
in your mail were set ... I trued $REDIRECT_STATUS and that was set to 401
(even tho that doc wasn't capturing that error) and $REDIRECT_URL was set to
the path of the file handling the errors.

Is there some other apache config I need to make?
The .htaccess line I have doing the redirect is
ErrorDocument 404 path/to/file

Thanks a million for any help, Tom

> $HTTP_SERVER_VARS["REDIRECT_STATUS"] will be "404" (or "403" if you trap
> those too).
> $HTTP_SERVER_VARS["REDIRECT_URL"] will be the requested URL that caused
> the error.
> - Tim
> On 05 Aug 2001 18:46:04 +0100, Tom Carter wrote:
> > I'm using an apache directive to redirect 404's to one of my own pages,
> > i was wondering it is possible find out what the request was that caused
> > 404.

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