I am trying to pull a txt file into this purser so that it will add
the data to the variables. Now the code below works if I just add an
echo $message inside the while loop. But this is not what I want to
do. I what it to run the while loop and after it is done pass the
whole message to the mail program. I am trying to make this so a end
user can customize the e-mail message to say what they want it to
say. Without having to go into the code and mess with it. Also how can
I add empty lines in the txt message so that it will space the message
properly rather than have it bunch it all together

$fullname="Full Name";
 $email="[EMAIL PROTECTED]";          pursing a text file

         eval( "\$buffer = \"$buffer\";" );
         $message = $buffer;
         echo $message; <it will work if I  add this echo but this is
         not what I want to do.

 /* recipients */
$recipient = " $fullname <$email>"; 
$headers ="From: Sales Department <$sales@$hostdomain>";
$subject =$sub;
/* message*/

/* and now mail it */
mail($recipient, $subject, $message, $headers);
//print "$recipient, $subject, $message, $headers";
This is what mail.txt looks like

 Dear $fullname,

Your webhosting account has been created. Please use the following data to log in:

Domain:        $hostname.$domain$tld
IP-Address:    $baseip
Username:      $username
Password:      $password
Mysql Database:      $userdatabase
Mysql Username:      $newuser
Mysql Password:      $newuserpass

 Thanks for choosing $hostdomain!

Best regards,

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