Am I an idiot?
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$bIsFileOne = is_file("/tmp/test.txt"); # Will be true cause test.txt will

sleep (5); # Sleep while you telnet in and remove test.txt quickly!
$sTemp = `/bin/rm -R /tmp/test.txt`; # Or just remove it automatically
sleep (5); # Sleep just to be safe

$bIsFileTwo = file_exists("/tmp/test.txt");
$bIsFileThree = is_file("/tmp/test.txt");

File1:<? echo $bIsFileOne; ?>
File2:<? echo $bIsFileTwo; ?>
File3:<? echo $bIsFileThree; ?>

File 2 and 3 should show false or 0 cause the file is gone, but they say 1
just like bIsFileOne!

Linux 2.2.18
PHP 4.0.6

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