Chetan Ganpati wrote:

> Does anyone know of a tool to handle an online
> magazine and the magazine-subscriptions?

It's a little unclear exactly what you want...

If you want online zine with content management for stories/
features/articles, then maybe something like PHP-nuke could be 
the go (  In this case, I assume a 
"subscription" is a user who is allowed access to restricted 
pages, which I'm sure nuke can handle in one way or annother!

If you want to provide some articles to PAYING subscribers,
then you will need a way to handle/accept secure transactions.

If you want to just accept subscriptions (payment) for an 
offline magazine, then you'd just need a REALLY small (one
item) e-store, which might be something like phpShop

I'm currently writing an online magazine content management
tool for a site I'm developing, which basically takes articles
from contributors, and assembles them into a new e-zine, to be
published live on the 1st of every month.  Of course I've had
to provide two types of mmber management -- for contributors
(with privaliges to add to the zine) and regular users (I guess
you could call them subscribers, but they aren't paying anything).

Writing all the code from scratch (and learning MySQL along the
way!!!), I've only been at it a few days, and it's all coming
together nicely.  The site is BIG, so I think I could be looking 
at well over 100 hours to get everything right, but I'm learning 
as i go, and the coding itself is not hard -- it's the PLANNING
that is time consuming, making sure I get it right.

Give me a better idea of what you're after, and I may be able 
to help or point you in the right direction.

Justin French

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