i'm not sure i understand how you are running this...

if it is a file you are running at the command line, try "-q" after the
php.exe statement.

if this is a web page, comment that line out.

hope this helps,

on 8/6/01 1:16 PM, miguel valero at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> When I run the following script under an stand-alone
> php 4.0.6 and Apache 1.3 (Win95/98), the path to PHP
> (#!c:\php\php.exe) will show up on the first line of
> the browser output.
> #!c:\php\php.exe
> <?php
> phpinfo();
> ?>
> Is there a way to fix this? How can I get rid of the
> path line, on the top of the page, on the browser
> output? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
> My apologies if this has been covered before, or if
> this is in the manual, but I couldn't see it
> thanks.
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