Lets take the most simple of scripts and run it on a standalone page to
prove it's working correctly before we import into a template file.

Next step, lets change the tags <?php ?> to <php></php> because that's what
it says in the manual and put it into the add_form.html template and see if
it runs now. http://www.yorkshire-search.co.uk/links/add.php3

Oh dear boys and girls, it doesn't work and poor old Phil is starting to

I know, let's play a game and see if we can cheer him up by finding out why
the below code doesn't work and of course, you can play along at home too.

$MetaTags = get_meta_tags("$getmetafrompage/",1);
$description = $MetaTags["description"];

print "<FORM ACTION=\"$PHP_SELF\" METHOD=post>";
print "If your page already has META tags you may import and edit
print "<B>URL:</B> <INPUT TYPE=text NAME=getmetafrompage SIZE=30
print "<INPUT TYPE=submit VALUE=\"Import META tags from page\"></FORM><HR>";

echo "<font face=\"Arial\" size=\"2\" color=\"Red\"><%error_msg%></font>";
echo "<form action=\"add.php3\" method=post>";
echo "<input type=hidden name=pflag value=add>";
echo "<textarea name=\"description\" cols=\"40\" rows=\"10\"
maxlength=\"255\" wrap=\"virtual\">";
echo "$description";
echo "</textarea><p>";
echo "<input type=submit name=submit value=\"Add\" class=\"button\">";
echo "</form>";



This is my attempt at humour if anyone was wondering !!

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