What could be wrong when I don't get any results from an array made from
whitin a function?

function test_print($item,
 if (ereg("[0-9]", $item)) {
  $numa[$i] = $item;
  echo $GLOBALS["i"] . " - $numa[$i]\n";

Printing from within this function works fine, but when I want to do the same output 
outside the function I get nothing. How can I return the array outside the function?

This is how I call the script:

     while (list ($line_num, $line) = each ($fcontents)) {
      if  ($line_num == 7) {
       $min = explode (" ", $line);
       array_walk ($min, 'test_print'); reset ($min);
      if  ($line_num == 8) {
       $max = explode (" ", $line);
       array_walk($max, 'test_print'); reset ($max);
      if  ($line_num > 8) break;

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