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Tuesday, August 07, 2001, 3:52:57 PM, you wrote:

e> Hello.

e> I have two MySql databases running on different servers. I have no root
e> access and only PHP + Mysql and MysqlAdmin.

e> How can i take a dump of first database (which is about 1MB) and restore
e> that dump on the second one?

e> Actually, I'm doing a structure dump, but the outputed SQL text is very
e> big!..I'm not able to paste it all in the second server's sql query textbox.

You can do it from your machine with mysqldump.

syntax is:
mysqldump --host=here_write_sql_server_1 --user=user
--password=hassword name_of_database > file.txt

On the second server you can do it with command

mysql --host=here_write_sql_server_2 --user=user
--password=hassword name_of_database < file.txt

I hope it helps

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