At 09:29 AM 8/7/2001, Joseph Bannon wrote:


This is the problem with todays "web programmers"  and with PHP.

One - With the explosion in the ease of HTML and related technologies 
EVERYBODY is a designer/programmer....lets face it....some have it some 
don't.  If you think that blinking text is great...or if you think that 
table borders are a great then you need to stop attempting to be a designer 
and get a real job.

Two - Damn you Rasmus!!!! PHP is a great lang for anything web 
related....with a nice low learning curve.  Thats the problem..PHP is soooo 
eays to use.  So every moron and his brother now programs in PHP and floods 
the list with questions like "How do i get the users IP?"


most of us fact i keep a printed copy of the manual next to my avoid asking questions like the above.



>Just because you're having a bad day doesn't mean I should. Can you just
>tell me what it is? I don't have those posts.

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