I've got this cool auto add email mailing list that is simply a .txt
file that PHP writes to.

So the visitor goes to a form types in their email addy and is
automatically added to the .txt file which is then read when the boss
wants to send out to the entire list.

This thing works perfectly except for one prob.

Every time some one adds them self to the list (mainly me testing right
now)  their addy is added on the next line down yet when I view the code
I have NO \r or \n asking to add a line break.

So my question is

Is there a way to say ..."Write to the file emailaddys.txt and suck out
all line breaks, returns, and white space?"

i.e. make sure each address butts itself up against the next with just
the comma separating them.

I know this would work because when I manually go to the .txt file and
delete the white space till all the email addy's are back to back this
app works great!

Thank you in advance my friends

Marcus James Christian -- UNLIMITED
Multimedia Internet Design

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