On Wed, Aug 08, 2001 at 12:52:42AM +0100, Andreas D. Landmark wrote:
> 1) proxies should cache dynamic content
> 2) proxies should not retrieve from cache if the request is a force-refresh
> 3) proxies should not cache any content which URL includes "?"
> Sounds like you've got yourself a poor proxy there, I've certainly never
> seen any problem with developing through my proxy, apart from those pesky
> doubleclick ads seem to disappear.... wonder why...

Main word here is 'should'. Because they do. Ever searched for
headers you can sent for forcing no caching. The one thing you
always find is things like 'they should use this header, but they
don't' or 'one proxy only looks at the headers, others only look at
the contents'. I know how proxies _should_ work, but it turn's out
that there are -to quote you- many "poor proxies". And I won't say
that mine isn't one of 'm. But hey... I'm a programmer, not a
system-administrator and stuff like the proxy isn't realy my thing.
I know how they should work and I know we have one. But I also know
(out of experience and theory) that proxies (just like browsers btw)
don't always stick to the standards.
And ehhh... I hardly use URL's including "?". You know... that's the
beauty of sessionhandling. You don't need those ugly URL's anymore.

But... besides proxies one also uses a browser for
Internet-applications. And eventhough you can disable caching and
history and stuff, those damn things _do_ remember things from the
past and they think it's realy convenient to use that. It's quicker
dude! Yeah, well: fuck it! I don't want it to be quicker... I want
it to be right.


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