Hi to all, I need to create web pages containing images which should be
updated periodically, but the image contents may vary as data coming from a
database varies.

What is that?, well the image will contain dynamic objects and static
objects.  The dynamic objects can be text (representing database data) and
lines, where you can change attributes like color, position, etc.  The
static objects can be filled ellipses, circles, lines, static text.

The image format can be a jpeg, gif or another type supported on html.

Does somebody know some Library with functions for create such above
Does somebody know some links to find something?

I will apprecciate your attention to this.
When you come to Mexico and Guadalajara City I will pay your help inviting
you a bunch of Mexican Tacos.

Atte. Ignacio Estrada F.
Centro Nacional de Control de Energia
Area de Control Occidental
025+6463, 025+6464, 025+646

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