> struct BACACHE

> char author[300][100];
> int top;
> time_t uptime;
> time_t touchtime;
> int busystate;
> };
> is there any way to get these data into PHP with certain variable type ?
> I've tried to use " unpack() " function, but I found that unpack() can't
> unpack a char array ( I mean string) , it breaks string into
> please help me...

Almost for sure you're going to have to read it byte-by-byte and parse it...

Here's a start:
    $path = '/path/to/bacache.xxx';
    # 'b' is only needed on Windoze, but shouldn't hurt Un*x
    $file = fopen($path, 'rb') or die("Could not open $path");
    while (!feof($path)){
        $author = fread($file, 300*100);
        # You may or may not need to convert each byte somehow...
        # Is a C int 2 or 4 bytes this week?  Sigh.
        $top = fread($file, 4);
        # Now, *THAT* almost for sure needs converting...
        # Maybe you'll be lucky and hexdec will do it...
        $uptime = fread($file, 4);
        $touchtime = fread($file, 4);
        $busystate = fread($file, 4);

You'd probably want all sorts of error-checking in there...

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