> We have do the following :
> % vadduser
> user Configuration
> ------------------
> Username:       test
> Password:       test
> Fullname:       test
> UID:            35647
> Groups:         test
> Home Dir:       /ftp/test
> % dir
> drwxrwxr-x c myname vkernel    512 AUG 5 11:27 test
> I want give read,write,exectute access for this directory to the group
> how can i do this?
> chmod ....

I believe you want chown, not chmod, in order to set the file's group to

chown [user]:[group] filename
In this case:

chown :test test

You can do this for test and *ALL* subdirectories/files using -R

chown -R :test test

If you want the *USER* test to own the file as well:

chown test:test test

man chown

maybe be useful.

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