I know this would probably be better placed on the mySQL mailing list, but
alas I do not subscribe to it and am hesitant to do so to ask one question.
Enough PHP users use mySQL that perhaps the answer could be found here.

In searching through a text field in a mySQL database, I would like to
search for a keyword and return that record as a resultset, obvious no?
However, I do not want the search to return true if the search word or
phrase falls within an HTML tag contained within the text.  The field in
question will contain some basic HTML tags but I don't want them searched,
just the freeform text.

What would be the best approach?  I'm not all that well versed in regular
expressions, well let's face it, I probably couldn't put a regular
expression together if my life depended on it, and any assistance would be
greatly appreciated.

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