Hey Chris

    If the text field only contains dates, I'd suggest converting it to a DATE type 
the use DATE_FORMAT in your SELECT statement to return the format needed. This also 
lets MySQL sort it for you,

SELECT DATE_FORMAT(date, '%b %e %Y') FROM your_table ORDER DESC BY date

    Right off hand I don't think there's a simple way to sort it in PHP. If you want 
to keep it as a text field then you'll probable have to parce the dates  and sort it 
accordingly, ie:

foreach ($dates as $date)
    $parced_dates[] = split(' ', $date);

// Your own sort functions

I hope this helps

Chris wrote:

> I have a bunch of dates like this:
> Jul 24 2001
> Jul 31 2001
> Aug 7 2001
> I need to sort it from oldest to newest, but I can't devise a way that works. And 
>they are text fields in MySQL so that won't sort it correctly either. Can anyone 
>point me in the right direction?

Ron Wills
DMS Control Programmer

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