> As a new PHP convert, I ran into this same problem (below) yesterday while
> designing a form.  ASP programmers (if they're THINKING) will use subs to
> keep "if" blocks tidy.  In ASP, I'd use something like:
> If Request.ServerVariables( "REQUEST_METHOD" ) = "GET" Then
> DisplayForm
> Else
> SendFormData
> End If
> which at first I replaced with:
> if ( getenv( "REQUEST_METHOD" ) == "GET" ) {
>         display_form();
> } else {
>         send_email();
> }
> ...making functions out of what used to be subroutines.  All
> except my global variables disappeared and nothing I could do (even
> declaring the few important ones explicitly global) seemed to allow me to
> get at the variable contents.


You need to declare the variables global within each function that access
them or access the variable via the $GLOBALS array.

$var = 'something';

function go()
    return $GLOBALS["var"];


function go()
    global $var;

    return $var;

echo go();

Steve Werby
President, Befriend Internet Services LLC

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