>I can't seem to get my win2000 box to recognize the .php files. It's coming
up with an error,

What error is it coming up with?

>and just reading them as test.php.txt files in explorer. How do i get this
to work. I believe

Change their name to not have .txt on the end, and stop using that stupid
Notepad program to edit the PHP pages, which then saves them with
foo.php.txt as the name of the files, unless you choose "Any File" from the
popup for file type every time you save.

Get EditPlus, or PFE, or any of the other 10,000 text editors that people
are now going to say is the "best" on Windows.  Sigh.

>I've set everything up right. Could someone please email me with answers.

There are innumerable other things you could have done wrong that would show
you PHP source instead of executing it, but you'd have to tell us how you
configured IIS to do PHP.

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