>If I use extention .inc for including my connection-
>variables file then browser attempts to download this file which is
>not better then first. I searched the net on this topic and found a
>LOT of information about this problem and the best that I found is
>here I just want you to be aware of this problem

It's common knowledge that you should NOT put your database user+PW into 
your HTML root. Using .inc means Apache (or whatever kind of server you're 
using) isn't going to parse the file through php.

This has been discussed on this and other php related lists.. just have a 
look in the archive and you'll see..

Don't want to sound nasty harsh or whatever you want to call it but I think 
most tutorials will say something about it. I would suggest you read those 
before you send messages to this or any other list.. The archive is a great 
resource too. Remember.. you're most certainly not the first person who 
uses PHP to connect to MySQL.. most if not all issues you think you have 
found has been seen by others. Searching the archive and reading tutorials 
will keep you from burning bandwith and space for a non-issue.

Have fun.



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