On Thursday 09 August 2001 17:21, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> After install PHP when I try to open in a URL the address:
> http://casa/IISSamples/Default/exemplo.php
> I receive the following error:
> Error 403 of HTTP
> 403.1 Forbided: forbided execution access

First experiment:

Put a file called test.htm in the same directory which contains any old html.
Try to access that as http://casa/IISSamples/Default/test.htm

If that works OK, then the configuration of pws is wrong. I don't have PWS so 
I'm not sure of the user interface to configuring it, although if you 
installed php using the 'Installer' distribution, it will have configured PWS 

Sometimes, PWS seems to get itself into a strage state where you can't get it 
to work no matter what you try. Some people have had success after 
reinstalling PWS. Others just dump it and use Xitami or Apache.

Phil Driscoll

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