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Thursday, August 09, 2001, 10:19:46 PM, you wrote:
B> I finished English version of my site and wanted to start Russian
B> part but realized that MySQL server returnes all data in koi-8r 
B> charset which is not very comfortable for some of the users, 
B> specially I know that A LOT of russians using Opera brawser older 
B> versions of which do not support koi-8 Any one knows how to 
B> convert koi-8 results of MySQL to win1251? 

It depends. What charset is your data in?
If you DB's data is already in koi-8r, ther only thing you can do at the
database level is to use a query:
SET CHARACTER SET  koi8_cp1251
and then execute your queries.
All the data will be converted to win1251 codepage on the fly.
Alternately, you can place all the data to the database in 1251
charset, and then compile mysqld with option
--with-charset=cp1251 (used in ./configure)
Then you'll have all the data returned in cp1251, and mysql will sort
all the text data using that charset. To have the data returned in
koi-8 in this case you'll have to issue a query
SET CHARACTER SET  cp1251_koi8

By the way, there's not so many russians, if any, using the old Opera browsers

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