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This  Works  Like  the  National  Lottery  Except  It's  Much  More  Fun  
as  you  Are  GUARANTEED  to  WIN !

Dear  Friend.
                         My  name  is  Tom,  in  My  2000  my  car  was  repossessed 
and  debt  collectors  were  hounding  me  like  you  would  not  believe !  
I  lost  my  job  when  the  shop  I  worked  in  went  out  of  business.  
I  was  at  my  wits  end  and  findng  it  terribly  hard  to  make  ends  
meet.  I  could  not  even  afford  cat  litter  for  my  poor  cat.  In  June  2000, 
my  friend  recieved  a  letter  from  a  self  made  millionaire  called 
David  Rhodes  from  Norfolk,  telling  her  how  to  
EARN  37.000.   at  a  Time.

My  friend  was  sceptical  but  I  was  desperate  and  because  I  had  
nothing  to  lose.  I  borrowed  some  money  from  my  Dad  and  gave  
it  a  TRY.

In  August  I  paid  my  Dad  back  and  went  to  Spain  on  hoilday  with  
my  friend, paying  for   both  our  holidays.  In  October  I  brought  a  
brand  new  house  and  will  be  moving  very  shortly  and  I  will  never  
have  to  work  for  any  one  else  again.

I  have  earned  200.000  to  date  and  will  become  a  millionaire  within  
the  next  few  months.  This  programme  works  perfectly  every  time,  
I  have  never  failed  to  receive  less  than  37.000  from  each  mailing  
of  200  LETTERS.

This  is  a  Legitimate  Business  Opportunitiy  not  requiring  you  to  sell  
anything  or  come  into  contact  with  people.  Best  of  all  you  only  have  
to  leave  home  to  post  a  few  letters.  This  is  your  lucky  break  simply  
follow  the  instructions  below  
(  estimate  to  take  two  to  three  hours  WORK  )  you  cannot  lose !
Without  casting  a  fishing  line  how  do  you  expect  to  catch  a  fish ?  
Do  It !   Surprise  yourself.  it  really  does  work !

                                                                Kindest  regards.

                                                                     T.  Roebuck.

Information  and  Instuctions  to  Follow  Carefully.
Follow  these  six  steps  EXACTLY !  What  have  you  got  to  lose ?  
You  have  Everything  to  GAIN.

Step  No.1.
                     Send  1.00  to  each  of  the  five  names  and  addresses  to 
follow.  Sellotape  1.00  coin  to  a  piece  of  card  and  write  your  name  
and  address  and  these  words :- 
on  the  card  oe  letter.  This  is  Legitimate  service  for  which  you  are  

No.1.  R.  Hill.  The  Flat.  67,  Barlby  Road,   London.   W10 - 6AW. 

No.2.  Fred  Race.  Flat  52.  28a,  Seymour  Place,  London.  W1H - 5WJ.

No.3.  Peter  Bulat.  2a,  Clockhouse  Mansions,  North  Circular  Road,
Palmers  Green,  London.  N13 - 6BG.

No.4.  David  Breard.  118,  Dalgarno  Gardens,  North  Kensington,
London.  W10 - 6AA. 

No.5.  Z.  Pallaris.  18,  Prospero  Close,  Greenstead,  Colchester,, 
Essex.  CO4 - 3SS.

Step  No.2.
                      Remove  the  name  that  is  one  on  the  list  and  move  
the  others  up  one  place  so  that  No.2  becomes  No.1  and  then  
No.3  becomes  No.2  and  so  on.  Then  place   your  own  name  
and  address  in  the  No.5  position.  Alternatively  type  or  print  the  
five  names  and  addresses  on  a  slip  of  paper  and  fix  it  over  the  
existing  names  and  addresses  before  either  photocopying  or  
using  a  low  cost  printer  that  can  easily  do  this  or  if  you  have  a  
PC  you  can  do  it  yourself.

Step  No.3.
                     Photocopy  or  Print  200  copies  or  more  of  this  letter  
which  by  now  has  your  Name  and  Address  in  Position  No.5.

Step  No.4.
                     Buy  a  Mailing  List  of  Business  Opportunity  seekers  
from  a  Mailing  List  Broker  found  in  your  local  newspaper  or  
contact  the  following  Sending  s.a.e  to :-  Lord  R  Hill   Suite  14.  
59,  Crawford  Street,  London.  W1H - 1HS.     0870  120  7932.  
Make  sure  you  ask  for  LIST  of  Business  Opportunitiy  Seekers  
(  buyers  only  )  This  will  cost  you  between  15.00  to  19.00  per  
250  names  and  addresses  on  stick  and  peel.

Step  No.5.
                      While  waiting  for  your  mailing  list  to  arrive  place  
copies  of  this  letter  in  a  self  sealing  envelope.  Seal  them  and  
attach  a  2nd  class  stamp  (  never  send  1st  class  stamps  ).

Step  No.6.
                     When  your  mailing  list  arrives  place  the  gummed  
addressed  labels  onto  the  envelopes  and  post  them  all.  within  
60  days  you  will  receive  37.000  in  cash  GUARANTEED.  
Keep  a  copy  of  this  letter  so  you  can  use  it  again  and  again.

When  you  have  sent  out  your  letters  you  are  Automatically  in  
the  Mailing  Order  Business  and  people  will  send  you  1.00  to  
be  placed  on  your  mailing list,  which  you  will  be  compiling.  
This  is  Perfectly  LEGAL.

We  are  all  just  Ordinary  people  aiming  at  being  financially  secure,  
please  play  this  game  faily.  Be  honest  and  do  unto  others  as  you  
would  have  done  unto  you.  Please  do  not  try  to  short  cut  the  
process  as  benefits  will  suffer.

Please  consider  a  CHARITY  and  help  others  when  you  are  
financially  secure.


Now here is the Interesting Part.
with a very conservative 7.5% response rate.

When you send out 200 letters
                             15 people will send you 1, you receive       15.00.
Those 15 people will mail out 200 letters
                           225 people will send you 1, you receive     225.00.
Those 225 people will mail out 200 letters
                       3,375 people will send you 1, you receive   3.375.00.
Those 3,375 people will mail out 200 letters
                     50,625 people will send you 1, you receive 50,625.00.

                                            Total received by you will be       

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