On Fri, Aug 10, 2001 at 04:42:48PM +0530, Balaji Ankem wrote:
> Hi, Munnik,
>     I am starting the session if authentication is successful and i am closing the 
>session whenever user click on logout button.
> Here in my case authentication is succesfull and session is started. And i checked 
>the c:\tmp directory. session file is there.
> But it is not closing the session without starting a session again before closing.
> I did as u told it works perfect. Thanks alot.
> Why we have to start again another session before closing.

Well... you don't actualy start another session before closing. The
call to session_start() starts a session or resumes one:

=====[ PHP Manual ]=====

"session_start() creates a session (or resumes the current one based on
the session id being passed via a GET variable or a cookie)."

=====[ end ]=====

> One more doubt..after logging out (it closed the session) and i pressed the back 
>button in browser It has given 
> Warning.page expired. I pressed Refresh button It asked do u want to repost the 
>values again. I pressed retry button. It posted the values again and created session 
> Is there anyway to restrict the reposting?? Means after pressing logout button we 
>shouldn't allow the user to go back or reposting the data again and getting session 

I don't know (yet)... I'm gonna try to find out. I'll let you know.


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